Ken Davidson – Director

Air force veteran – Medic

Ken received specialized training as a Medical Service Specialist. He was an Emergency Room technician, Patient Care Coordinator and Medical-evacuaction specialist during the Vietnam conflict. After his military service, he  worked in the Cardio Respiratory field. His main responsibilities involved working in Intensive care , Cardiac care  and the Neonatal unit. Culminating his experience as Technical Director of a Cardio Respiratory department in Victorville, California for a number of years.

He left the Respiratory field, and took over his dad’s construction company, which he ran for many years. His entrepreneurial spirit and compassion for the elderly lead him to the field of Assisted Living. Ken became a Licensed CNA in the state of Texas to broadened his knowledge in the assisted living setting and to better serve his residents. 

Anne Davidson – Administrator

Anne is the operation manager of Loving Home for the Elderly. Her Hotel and Restaurant Management degree elevates her skills and allows us to maintain a high quality facility and to ensure great service. Motivated by a passion to help people and living with first hand knowledge of her parents living environment, she is determined to provide excellence in care in a loving residential home setting. She is focused on holistic health and advanced nutrition programs along with mental and physical exercise.  Her goal is to feed the residents with fresh food straight from our garden. 

Judee Lorenzana – Lead Care technician

Judee has worked in the assisted living industry for over ten years. She’s in charge of the residents day to day activities. She is focused on giving the residents the right care and attention. She’s meticulous when it comes to the resident’s mental, emotional and health needs. Judee’s excellent qualities makes her the right person to lead our care givers.